ArcSite vs Magic Plan

These are two of the most popular floor plan apps for home service professionals. What one is right for you?

Using your tablet to make drawings and customer proposals

ArcSite and MagicPlan both offer a complete drawing and customer estimate solution. But how do you know what one is best for you to use for your business? 

ArcSite Estimates and Proposals Feature

ArcSite and MagicPlan both offer a 14-day trial on the Apple App store. 

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What are the major differences between ArcSite and MagicPlan?


  • ArcSite is a little more expensive than than MagicPlan. When comparing both of their takeoff and estimate tiers, ArcSite is around $105 /mo where MagicPlan is $89.99/mo
  • While both offer a robust suite of tools. ArcSite allows for more detailed and professional CAD drawings.
  • EASE OF USE: ArcSite and MagicPlan are both easy to use, but take a little time to learn.
  • Creating floor plans in MagicPlan takes much less time thanks to their AR camera measuring features. 
  • Although ArcSite takes a little longer to complete floor plans, it provides for better accuracy than when using MagicPlan. 
  • In-drawing camera features: ArcSite offers much more markup and embedding features for adding photos to your drawing.

In Summary ArcSite is better for people who need to look more professional, present precisely accurate drawings, and display scope of work visually rather than as line items. 

MagicPlan is better for people who are small teams who need to create quick floor plans. Magic Plan is very fast and lets you add in your services to create proposals. 

Proposals in both apps are great. However, ArcSite allows you to add more business details, display photos taken on site, and lets you capture client signatures without leaving the app. 

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