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ArcSite vs. Bluebeam – Which Is Better for Your Business?

Does your team currently use Bluebeam for CAD editing or PDF markup in the field? Or are you looking for a solution to create greater efficiencies in your workflow, but unsure which is best suited to your team’s needs? Read on for a comparison of each tool.


ArcSite is a mobile-first CAD application created by a team of former AutoCAD developers for field data collection. Bluebeam Revu has a powerful desktop version which is suited for office use; however, the mobile version of Bluebeam Revu has limited functionality because it contains only a subset of the Bluebeam desktop tool features.
ArcSite’s mobile-first functionality and more robust features make it a clear choice over Bluebeam for teams who spend a significant amount of time collecting data in the field.
Its greatest benefits lie in the time-savings created by capturing accurate and complete data in a deliverable-ready format. ArcSite’s efficiencies eliminate time spent transferring and cleaning up data after leaving a job site.
Special features and an excellent customer service interface are the cherries on top of a well-designed, utilitarian app.
Read below for an in-depth analysis of ArcSite and Bluebeam Revu features:

By the Numbers

Before diving into the more granular feature details, a quick overview of some numbers provides good insights into ArcSite and Bluebeam Revu. Although they should not be the primary reason to select one app over the other, user reviews provide useful context based on other customer experiences.
Another quantifiable aspect to consider is the number of developments to the app. You want to be sure you’re investing in a product that will be valuable both immediately and into the future. If a company isn’t actively developing, the utility of its product may wane as you business grows and adapts.

Users Reviews

According to the Apple app store user ratings, ArcSite beats out Bluebeam Revu in both average rating and number of ratings. As of writing, ArcSite averages 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1,000+ reviews, whereas Bluebeam earns only 2.5 out of 5 stars in 30 reviews.

Actively Developed

ArcSite far outstrips Bluebeam Revu in the number of major feature updates within the last two years—54 compared to Bluebeam’s five.


ArcSite and Bluebeam Revu share some similar features. Where they differ, the outcome generally relates to workflow efficiencies inherent in ArcSite’s mobile-first approach, compared to Bluebeam’s focus on its desktop tools.

1. Create Drawings From Scratch

Bluebeam Revu functions well for teams who don’t need to create their own PDFs or site drawings. However, many clients do not have existing PDFs, nor do they have them readily available in an electronic format.
Bluebeam’s rudimentary drawing tools cannot produce accurate or professional-looking work, limiting its applicability to teams who do significant fieldwork or site drawings.
ArcSite’s drawing tools are easy-to-use and robust enough to capture detailed site schematics, allowing for quick and accurate drawings from scratch that are accessible anywhere.

2. Create Organization-Wide Shape Libraries

ArcSite’s strong mobile drawing tools allow users to easily create a specific shape. Once created, the end-user can categorize shapes into meaningful groupings and automatically share these libraries across their entire organization. As the library grows and changes, all users receive these updates and stay in sync.
This gives field teams faster, easier access, and ensures consistent deliveries.
With Bluebeam, users can only create shapes on their desktop software and make them available in the mobile app—there is no way to originate new shapes in the mobile app. And there is no automatic sharing or updating feature for these libraries.

3. Create Takeoff Schedules On-Site

A stand-out feature of ArcSite is the ability to create takeoff schedules automatically while on-site. Users determine the context of a job and the work that needs to be done to schedule the take-off, without returning to the office. On top of the time saved by eliminating the need to ‘redo’ work in the office, creating takeoffs automatically carries a few more advantages.
Namely, it ensures the field crew collects all necessary information so no critical data will be missed. And it eliminates the collection of unnecessary information—another time-saver. Plus, generating custom takeoff forms right on-site improves communication and keeps everyone on the same page about the next steps of a project.
Bluebeam has similar takeoff functionality in its desktop version but not in the mobile app, meaning the time-saving efficiencies it creates for its users are more limited.

4. Export Options

ArcSite exports into .png and PDF file formats, as well as directly into CAD with native CAD formats such as DXF and DWG. The output from ArcSite becomes editable work within the engineer’s or designer’s native tools, rather than a non-editable PDF. This feature improves the shareability of data for teams and their clients.
Bluebeam Revu does not export into CAD formats.

5. Integration with Salesforce

ArcSite is developing direct integration with Johnson Controls’ existing Salesforce environment and business workflows, which enables users to streamline workflows.
Bluebeam does not have any Salesforce or other CRM integration available.


Customer Success

ArcSite provides a dedicated customer success team for enterprise users such as Johnson Controls. Services include 800 phone number support, in-app text functionality for just-in-time responses, in-app automatic help messaging unique to Johnson Controls accounts, group training sessions, and a large video library.
The video library includes some Johnson Controls-specific resources available within the existing Johnson Controls internal support portal. ArcSite also offers custom development, such as a new Johnson Controls shapes/symbol library (over 150 shapes) and field reports changes specific to Johnson Controls.
ArcSite is fully compatible with Johnson Controls’ workflow by virtue of integration with Salesforce CRM software.


ArcSite’s mobile-first functionality and more robust features make it a clear choice over Bluebeam Revu. Users benefit from intuitive drawing tools, custom shapes libraries, export options, and on-site takeoff scheduling.
These features amount to enhanced shareability across teams and huge time-savings in workflows.
Try ArcSite free for 14 days or request a demo.

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