Nevada Fence's Big Deal - Closing $42k in 45 Minutes with ArcSite

Letha Wicker
May 31, 2023
5 min read

How did Nick Birchoff of Nevada Fence score a $42,000 deal in just 45 minutes? Simply put, he used ArcSite to its fullest potential. Just a short while after getting ArcSite on board, Nick was able to sketch the job, get an automatic cost, generate a proposal with their margin added in, and create an automated materials takeoff list. All in 45 minutes.

ArcSite - The Fence Contractor Estimating Software

Every rep can't be a CAD expert, but with ArcSite you don't need to be. Take advantage of ArcSite's one-of-a-kind mobile CAD app to create professional-level site drawings and plans on your device, no training needed. It's as easy as pen and paper - all you have to do is draw with your finger (or stylus!) and ArcSite's estimating software prices the drawing as you go. 

Your products, your prices, your margins - all literally at your fingertips, protected in the cloud, and available to your team for collaboration.

When you've sketched, it's time to quote. You can transform your drawing instantly into a beautiful custom proposal to present to the customer. You'll impress them with your professionalism, and then you can accept payments through the app as well. You can even offer simple financing! We're talking shaving off serious time from every quote while offering your customers a far better experience.

Video Transcript

Thanks. Hi, guys. My name is Nick, and I'm the lead estimator here at Nevada Fence in Carson City, Nevada. We have been successfully using ArcSite for about four months now, and it has been nothing short of amazing in that time. I tell this story often, just inserted a few times.

The very first day that I was that I was using ArcSite in the field, I was able to close a $42,000 job in about 45 minutes. That process before would take anywhere from two to three hours minimum. And when you multiply that by the 150 plus estimates that I've written in the last four months, it has saved me hours of time.

It has also vastly improved my close rate because I'm able to provide an estimate on site within an hour for for most situations. And that differentiates us from everyone in all of our direct competition in the area. No one else is using this platform here, and it has been.

Huge benefit to us. And I just want to say thank you. Your guys' hard work and diligence in making this program has helped us tremendously. And we look forward to a successful partnership going forward with ArcSite and Nevada Fence. So, again, thank you, guys. Keep up the great work and we look forward to what's next.


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