Seamlessly import your measurements from Moasure into ArcSite with a single tap. Using ArcSite you can take your measurements and turn them into a fully priced customer proposal in minutes.

How it works

See how simple it is to record and import your Moasure measurements into ArcSite. Watch the full breakdown of everything you can do with ArcSite and Moasure below.

Ditch the tape measure.

Motion-based measuring is here.

Collecting your measurements is as easy as walking around.

Instantly transfer your measurements from Moasure into ArcSite with the tap of a button.

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Any shape. No hassle.

Using Moasure you can measure lines, angles, arcs, areas and more with extreme accuracy.

Areas with nonuniform curves and shapes have been tricky in the past, but not with Moasure + ArcSite. When these shapes are imported into ArcSite from your Moasure device, you remove the possibility for measurement and pricing errors.

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Indoors, outdoors, doesn't matter.

Measuring with Moasure is a breeze, regardless of the terrain.

Whether you're measuring a living room, a basement, or a putting green, Moasure helps you get the most accurate measurements.

Turning these measurements into a drawing in ArcSite couldn't be easier.

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Frequently asked questions

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