The best of the Fencing world come together to share their secrets for success. Hear from those who have been there, done that, and are now helping others get a leg up in Fencing. 

We talk about everything from material shortages to building a team that can best serve your customers and out-perform your competition! 

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Running any service business can be confusing, overwhelming, and full of challenges. And Fencing is no different.

You’re dealing with difficult clients, material shortages, lack of labor, and so much more.

But if you can make it, there is plenty of success to go around.

That’s why we gathered some of the biggest names in Fencing together for our State of the Fencing Industry Webinar.

We cover some of the most pressing topics that we hear from customers.

Our panelists also share great advice for Fencing businesses that are just starting out or looking to grow in 2022.


Topics covered:

  • Advice for new and growing fencing companies
  • Dealing with material and labor shortages
  • Fluctuating fencing material costs
  • Changes in customer preferences and demands
  • How to scale your fencing business in 2022
  • The Ideal Close Rate for Fencers
  • Standing out from the competition (but not by lowering your prices)
  • Hiring and retaining fencing team members
  • Offering Financing - why and why not
  • How to promote your fence business
  • Combatting bad homeowner experiences
  • How to quote your fencing jobs
  • How to use automation and tech to improve your business
  • The future of the fencing industry

Our Panelists


Dan Blanc

CEO/Founder, Fence King; Cohost, MyFenceLife Podcast



Joe Everest

The Fence Expert, Owner, Ozark Fence and Supply Co.



Cannon Johnson

Owner, Jackson Fence Company; Cohost, MyFenceLife Podcast



Shawn King

President, Mr. Fence


Matt (1)

Matt Warner

Founder, mySalesman, Empire Fence





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