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JES Foundation Repair boosts customer satisfaction with more accurate site measurements


In my first year, I sold over two million dollars worth of product – and I literally could never have done this job without ArcSite.” – Colin, Sales Rep, JES Foundation Repair



Founded in 1993, JES Construction has helped over 70,000 commercial, industrial, and residential customers in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and North Carolina to keep their buildings safe.

A subsidiary of JES Construction, JES Foundation Repair is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier provider of foundation repair, crawl space moisture management, concrete lifting, and basement waterproofing solutions.

Operating out of four locations in Virginia, JES Foundation Repair is the only company in the industry to have an in-house Professional Engineering team.


JES is the only company in the foundation repair industry to have Professional Engineers on staff. This allows the company to hand stamp home warranty for every customer, without having to turn to third-party licensed firms.

A lot of the company’s work is focused on the structural analysis of buildings, so measurements have to be perfectly accurate, especially for larger scale projects.

Using pen and grid paper on site makes it almost impossible to collect measurements with sufficient precision. For example, it is much more difficult to draw 2.3 feet than 2.4 on 2 foot per square grid paper.

The company had recently changed its procedures to make it mandatory that every drawing manually created in the field be redrawn digitally back in the office.

JES engineers used a desktop site plan software but found it difficult to use and below their expected standards.

The company was looking for a solution that brings more accuracy, simplicity, and saves them time on fieldwork.


JES Foundation Repair selected ArcSite. With ArcSite, the accuracy of measurements significantly increased compared to manual drawings.

One way ArcSite brings value to the field team is the ability to add square footage from within the app. It then automatically calculates the height of the walls to determine the amount of insulation needed for a given area.

ArcSite enables field personnel to take site photos using the app and send them back to the engineers in the office if they have questions or need clarifications. This saves time and prevents potential errors.

JES Foundation Repair specializes in foundation problems, crawl spaces, and basements – areas that are difficult to access. Having an exact representation of the floor plan layout above created with ArcSite helps them to better navigate such spaces, and allows them to add that additional information on the spot.

Drawings created using ArcSite are accurate to the point that they don’t require re-drawing and can be used directly for permitting purposes.

Replacing paper with a tablet device allows the field team to use the app in any weather conditions, preventing project delays, and speeding up drawing creation on site.

ArcSite’s solution also helps the company to be more customer-centric and build better relationships with homeowners. The level of accuracy and detail that can be achieved with the ArcSite app allows JES to get customers enthusiastic and more engaged.


ArcSite’s data collection solution brought JES Foundation Repair a variety of benefits.

Time savings

The team is able to collect measurements faster and create a digital version of the plan from the first site visit. ArcSite eliminates the need to redo paper plans into a desktop floor plan software back at the office.

Ease of use in the field

Unlike paper, ArcSite can be used regardless of weather conditions.

The accuracy of plans created with ArcSite makes it easier for field personnel to understand where they are in relation to the house while they are inspecting the crawlspace.


ArcSite enables a level of precision unachievable using pen and paper. The ability to share photos with the office team in real-time helps clarify any doubts during the first site visit.

Customer satisfaction

Employees can now create more detailed, accurate, and professional-looking presentations to share with their customers, reinforcing a positive company image and building customer trust.

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