ArcSite Reviews: See what designers and contractors say about ArcSite

What makes ArcSite a must-have app for contractors, designers, and estimators? Don't take it from us; watch what ArcSite users are saying...

Easy, mobile collaboration

"I needed something that I could easily use – ideally that was more transportable, like on an iPad – and [ArcSite] helped us to create that easy way of communicating with each other."


ArcSite allows team members to easily communicate with each other by sharing designs, notes, and more as the project is ongoing. 

"I was looking for an application that I could easily collaborate with my design builder on," said Wade Miller. "One that I could take information he provided on drawings, mark those up, and provide those back to him."

Share your work with your team, outside contractors, and customers with the tap of a button. ArcSite allows you to export drawings as PNG, PDF, AutoCAD DXF, and AutoCAD DWG. And it's all backed up in ArcSite's cloud storage.

Arcsite + Moasure integration

"The thing that I liked most about the ArcSite application is it allowed me to download directly from my Moasure measuring device."


ArcSite is now integrated with Moasure measuring devices on all Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Moasure's digital measuring devices deliver fast and accurate measurements and can be sent straight into your ArcSite designs.

After ArcSite user Ken Coffey used Moasure to get precise measurements sent to his drawings, he said "It was much easier to layout my turf options at that point."

Professional drawings, easy to learn app

"What stood out about ArcSite the most was how nice the drawings looked and how easy it was for us to build out our platform and train our reps."


Create a drawing on ArcSite

Drawings on ArcSite are clean, professional, and easy to make. ArcSite offers a drawing solution to fit any problem you're trying to solve.

To create a drawing on ArcSite, simply open a Project and tap "Create Drawing." From there you can import an image or PDF, capture a photo of your design area, or start with a blank grid canvas. 

Train reps and estimators with efficiency

ArcSite is easy to learn because it doesn't do more than you need it to. With a 2D scaleable canvas, intuitive drawing tools, and an automated export process, reps and estimators can get up to speed and using ArcSite in the field quickly.

"It made going from paper to digital very easy," said ArcSite business user Dale Fost.

Sales reps and estimators can utilize the training resources on the ArcSite user site to learn more about the tools and custom features available in the app.

Faster than pen and paper drawings

"Now that I have ArcSite, I've taught myself how to do the drawings electronically, with native PDF files. I think it's working really well. It certainly goes quicker."


The traditional method of creating site drawings with pen and paper is simply inefficient given today's options. Contractors and designers who have been in business for decades say creating drawings on ArcSite is easy, consistent, and efficient.

"For years, there was a long journey of creating the drawings: the site plans, the floors plans, the elevations. Then taking them down to the print & copy store, having them made, then delivering them to the building department," said ArcSite user Russ Rehm.

"I need ArcSite to do what I need to do."

Mobile takeoff options

"I like that the application was iPad-native and it had takeoff options to work from a bird's eye view."


Using a mobile app in the field to generate takeoffs and estimates is key to closing more business. With visual options that provide a clear scope of work, ArcSite streamlines the takeoff process.

ArcSite user Gene Mack said he prefers ArcSite over other options like MagicPlan because of the takeoff options. "It seemed like a quick way to work from a bird's eye view as opposed to MagicPlan – which was the main competitor I was looking at – it only allows you to work through the camera."

Professionalism that stands out from the competition

"I would recommend ArcSite to other contractors that are doing hand drawing. Definitely wouldn't try to give it to my competition."


Let technology work for you by using ArcSite to bid on jobs. With professional drawings that help you stand out from the competition to consistent solutions for every project, ArcSite allows businesses to work efficiently and close more bids.

"I use ArcSite to bid jobs and I use the drawing app – which I used to hand draw," said Trevor Lord of 58 Foundations. "Now that I don't hand draw anymore and I can use [ArcSite], and with the options for drawing. It definitely makes us stand out."

Draw. Estimate. Report.

See for yourself why ArcSite users love the tools and features available to create digital drawings and automated estimates. To learn more about how ArcSite can help improve your design and estimation process, request a demo and talk with an ArcSite expert.

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