Pinehurst Turf Pros Dig Up Super Charged Efficiency with ArcSite

Letha Wicker
April 1, 2024
5 min read

Company Snapshot

Pinehurst Turf Pros is a North Carolina based turf company that works in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Their service philosophy is simple:

"We take pride in our work and stand behind our products and services. We are committed to upholding our values of honesty, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of our work."

The Global Market for Synthetic Turf Is Surging

  • $114.3 billion dollars by 2028
  • 6.5% growth year over year
  • Growing at the fastest rate in North America
  • Applications driving growth: landscaping, sports fields, golf courses

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Fueling Rapid Growth

Pinehurst Turf Pros of Seven Lakes, NC, has been helping happy customers achieve the lawn of their dreams for years, working with dedication and expertise to deliver exceptional results. As they continued to grow, they realized that they needed to scale up their ability to accommodate not just their growing business, but their expansion plans also.

Accuracy is king in the turf world, where success or failure is determined by tiny margins. Errors in either direction are costly - either you order less than you need and risk expensive and time-consuming reordering, or you have unusable waste.

And with an estimated 100 million square feet of turf and half a billion pounds of filler going to waste every year just for sports fields, you have to take measure twice and cut once to a whole new level to avoid margin-destroying miscalcualtions.

Richard Randall, co-owner of Pinehurst Turf Pros, saw an opportunity where many only see insurmountable problems. He knew that technology had to come into play to help keep up with demand for their services. There are many drawing tools on the market, but Richard wanted to adopt the right technology that could truly fuel business growth.

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Enter ArcSite

Situations like Richard’s are ones we encounter frequently at ArcSite. There’s more demand for your services than you have the capacity to fulfill because your reps can only make so many site visits in one day. Hiring more and more reps isn’t very sustainable at this stage, so how do you bridge the gap?

Richard found that ArcSite delivered a mobile CAD drawing app that introduced incredible precision to drawings that are simple to create, markup, and share.

From the outset, ArcSite proved to be user-friendly and intuitive. Its efficiency has only amplified over time, becoming a cornerstone in our process of creating visual project concepts.

Richard Randall, Pinehurst Turf Pros

They found the process of drawing on the unlimited canvas with their finger or a stylus a natural evolution from antiquated pen and paper drawings. The learning curve wasn’t steep, and adoption of ArcSite followed from there.

It's also vital to collect hyper-accurate measurements to avoid waste.  

ArcSite’s accuracy was also a huge factor in Pinehurst’s decision to invest in a roll-out. If accuracy reigns supreme, it has to be your single biggest consideration. That’s why Richard took advantage of ArcSite’s integration with laser measure manufacturer Moasure.

Using ArcSite with Moasure for Maximum Precision


Moasure is known in the contracting industry for its easy to use, ultra accurate laser measurement capability.

Moasure automatically calculates area, perimeters, and elevation changes for intricate shapes, saving time and boosting accuracy. It also increases the efficiency and profitability of your projects.

The ArcSite + Moasure integration allows Pinehurst reps to simply walk the site with their devices. That data feeds into their ArcSite projects, where it informs their site drawings and material takeoff lists.

The accuracy and error-free measurements it provides, when combined with Moasure, lead to precise actions in the field. This precision has been instrumental in avoiding mistakes and ensuring excellence in our services.

Richard Randall, Pinehurst Turf Pros

ArcSite and Pinehurst Turf Pros – Growing a Business Together


A turf site drawing in ArcSite

The Moasure integration is far from the only benefit Pinehurst derives from using ArcSite:

  • A mobile-first experience on any device - or a PC/Mac
  • Automatically generated estimates, proposals, and hyper-accurate material takeoffs, all from your smart drawing
  • Robust and easy secure cloud collaboration that keeps the whole team in sync even when changes start rolling in

This partnership shows no sign of slowing down. As Pinehurst continues to scale new heights, they’ll be doing it with a Moasure and a tablet running ArcSite in their hands.

As owner of Pinehurst Turf Pros, I can confidently say that ArcSite has revolutionized our workflow. Its intuitive design and powerful features, like the ability to merge complex contracts into a single, signable PDF, have not only saved us time but also enhanced our client interactions. The clarity and precision it brings to project planning and execution are unparalleled. ArcSite is a game-changer, offering transparency and efficiency that directly contribute to our clients' satisfaction and our business success.

Richard Randall, Pinehurst Turf Pros


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