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Best digital estimating tool on iPad for contractors

Some residential contractors who have been in the business for many years are convinced that all they need to create estimates are a tape measure, a pencil, and a piece of paper. This may have been effective when it was the only option, but homeowners now expect more from contractors who are trying to earn their business.

With the ArcSite iPad app, estimators can use their finger and their iPad to digitally draw site plans and create customized estimates, winning more bids and wowing their new customers. Creating and presenting estimates are more visually appealing, professional, and legible than a number scribbled on the back of a brochure.

How can a digital estimate help contractors win more bids?

Clear communication

Digital estimates on ArcSite communicate the scope of work and the breakdown of costs, leaving customers impressed and asking fewer questions. Estimates are transparent, so customers don't think hidden fees and extra costs are being added without their knowledge.


Professionalism goes a long way in winning bids, and digital estimates show the level of standards your customers expect. Best yet, estimates are generated at the speed of modern technology, saving you time at the job site and back at the office running the numbers.


Having a standardized format for estimates within your contracting business saves time, money, and frustration. Employees, outside contractors, and homeowners are always on the same page thanks to standardized estimates.

Let's cover why ArcSite is the best digital estimation tool on iPad available to residential contractors.

How to make estimates more visually appealing


Why use an app when you can write down an estimate on a piece of scrap paper? The price is the price, after all. For starters, a sheet of lined paper is not the most visually appealing way to present an estimate to a homeowner whose business you're trying to win. Consider the amount of money you quote customers on a regular basis: Hundreds, often thousands, of dollars you are asking them to shell out for your work. If the shoe was on the other foot, would you want an estimate scratched on a sheet of paper?

ArcSite can generate visually appealing estimates with clear drawings, a breakdown of costs, and additional information like warranties and product details.

Communicate the scope of work with an effective digital estimate

It can be difficult to communicate the scope of work to customers on a sheet of paper without taking hours to draft a detailed estimate. ArcSite takes that work out of your hands and onto the screen. 


Homeowners want to see exactly what you'll be doing. The drawing generated by your estimator on your iPad is automatically attached to the proposal and communicates to homeowners, employees, and outside contractors exactly what will be done. 

Customers often have questions about the types of products being used on the job. Instead of searching through a stack of papers and making copies, or browsing through folders on your desktop, ArcSite allows you to attach detailed product descriptions in seconds with a few taps on the screen.

Skeptical customers may doubt the final cost of the estimate. How do they know you're not hiking up the price for no reason? ArcSite estimates display a breakdown of products and prices, putting homeowners at ease.

Estimates for residential contractors that are transparent and professional

fence_imageryThere's no doubt that homeowners have high standards. Maybe they had a bad experience with a contractor that charged way too much for a job. On the other hand, maybe they went with the lowest bidder but were disappointed with how unprofessional the company presented itself.

Estimates generated by ArcSite can be as transparent as you want. Markups and margins are part of the job, but they can be built into your costs and estimates in a way that still looks transparent. With ArcSite, these tools are built into the backend of your customized workflow. They impress customers and position your business as trustworthy.

How can your business look professional before your workers get on the job site? A clean, detailed, digital estimate is the first thing your customer will see from your business. Make a good first impression by attaching credentials, certifications, insurance information, and warranty guarantees to every estimate.

Standardized estimates help customers and employees stay on the same digital page

Communication breakdowns are an all-too-familiar reality for residential contractors. The estimator has to draw a detailed site plan for the job, add products and prices, and generate a total cost for a job. Installers then take those plans to execute the job. On some projects, there may be sub-contractors that have to come in and work off of the original plans. At every step of the way, there is a chance that one small error could turn into an expensive mistake.

edit wallsAvoid the communication breakdown from the start with a digital estimate. The homeowner has a copy of the estimate and understands exactly what will be done, just as the employees doing the work understand what is expected. Sub-contractors are working off of the same plans as everyone else, all generated from the original, agreed-upon estimate.

Calculation errors become a thing of the past. With ArcSite, your product prices and added costs are built-in, so estimators can ditch the calculator and never worry about pressing the wrong key.

ArcSite digital estimates save time and win bids

Residential contractors looking for the best digital estimation tool on iPad land on ArcSite every time. Leave the local pen-and-paper competition in the dust with a digital estimate.

Homeowners will be wowed by the visually appealing look of an estimate that can be emailed, printed, and shared in a variety of ways. The thorough details communicate the scope of work being done, including the types of products being used. And the standardized estimate streamlines your company workflow and helps to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings between customers, employees, and sub-contractors.

See why contractors choose ArcSite over other digital estimation tools on iPad. Request a free demo today and start winning more bids with ArcSite.

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