Create iPad CAD Drawings with a Stylus Pen

If you’re looking to create CAD drawings on iPad with a stylus pen, you just found the most appropriate solution in the CAD software market.

For construction professionals, engineers, architects, and designers in various industries, it has been oddly difficult to find a CAD iPad drawing app that is both compatible with a stylus pen and all-inclusive of the most critical features we are familiar with on desktop CAD drawing software. Nodding your head yet?

This is where ArcSite’s iPad CAD app enters the picture.

Read on to learn more about ArcSite’s CAD drawing iPad app, how its mobile-first approach delivers more power and functionality than traditional CAD mobile apps, and how you can create CAD drawings on iPad with a stylus pen using ArcSite.

What is ArcSite?

ArcSite is the most powerful, yet easiest mobile CAD drawing app available on iPad Pro for architecture, engineering and construction professionals—as well as for design professionals in other industries. It was developed by former AutoCAD developers who are familiar with the challenges users experience when using traditional AutoCAD and mobile CAD apps.

As intuitive as drawing with pen & paper—as it is also compatible with stylus pens—ArcSite consistently receives raving reviews from professionals, such as this one:

“Best CAD-style app available on the iPad
The free demo reveals all the its useful options for numerous design, construction and estimating applications…just to name a few. This app is superior in quality, support and ongoing new features….But is quick, easy and accurate to use also. This is a serious business app…take it for a test drive!”

With ArcSite’s iPad app, you can create new CAD drawings, markup existing blueprints, and photos, share and co-edit CAD drawings with coworkers and generate custom forms such as takeoff. What’s more, you can provide estimates to clients on the spot, based on your drawings. All this, plus many, many more powerful features in an interface that is much easier to use than other CAD apps.

As a standalone mobile app, ArcSite can also be integrated with AutoCAD, Revit, and other cloud apps.

A Mobile-First CAD Drawing iPad App vs. AutoCAD 360

Do you notice that when you use an app such as AutoCAD 360, it’s actually not inclusive of all the basic features you’re used to having access to on the full version of AutoCAD?

This is because AutoCAD 360 by Autodesk is not a mobile-first solution.

What is a Mobile-First CAD Drawing App?

Have you ever had the experience of downloading a mobile app from your favorite company, only to realize that the app doesn’t have the basic functionality you’re used to on the full version? It’s almost as if you can’t rely on the mobile app solely, so you need to use both the full version and the mobile app. What’s more, the experience on an app that isn’t mobile-first typically falls short in the “ease-of-use” category.

This is a poor user experience that results from a service that was not “mobile-first.”

In regards to CAD, a mobile-first CAD drawing app is CAD software that was created first with mobile devices in mind. So instead of creating the non-mobile version first and then trying to convert that to the mobile app while dropping basic features along the way (because it’s difficult for companies to parlay those to mobile functionality), the mobile app is developed first and with the highest standards.

This mobile-first approach makes the software as powerful as possible on a mobile device such as the iPad.

How to Create CAD Drawings on iPad with a Stylus Pen

ArcSite enables you to use a stylus to create CAD drawings on iPad. This means you can use an Apple Pencil, Adonit Jot and other types of CAD stylus smartpens to markup CAD drawings and photos, and draft floor plans on the iPad—whenever, wherever.

For those used to pen and paper, using a stylus to create CAD drawings on the iPad is very easy and intuitive with ArcSite. Our app makes this drawing experience as natural as possible, and it allows you the flexibility of creating onsite project estimates based on dimensions and more. In turn, you provide more value to your clients, increase productivity, and save your team hours of work.

To create CAD drawings on an iPad, all you need is an iPad, a stylus, and the ArcSite app.


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