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Mobile CAD for Fire Protection

We know your sales team or surveyors have to go onsite and record everything: floor plans, site conditions, notes, measurements, and the potential new layout. You want to create a plan: for estimating, for communication with the client, and something precise and clear enough for both design and implementation to be able to use it for their work.

The problem is that with Pen and paper, none of this is easy, but a mobile CAD solution can help.

Current Challenges


Most people who are not introduced to mobile CAD are stuck using pen and paper. Prior to ArcSite, there has not been a tool that makes this type of fieldwork easy. Instead of precision work they end up with:

  • Messy, unclear drawings
  • A lack of accuracy and precision
  • A huge amount of time spent on recreating work back in the office
  • A great deal of back and forth between the field folks and those back in the office.

This all results in longer sales cycles, less time for new projects, and costly mistakes down the line.

How ArcSite helps


It used to take up to a week to close a sale. For each project, sales would spend at least eight hours dealing with all of the after sales tasks (design & installation). Once we started using Arcsite, we were able to start closing sales in under an hour from start to finish.

Fast and accurate data collection


ArcSite detects your natural hand movements to convert rough drawings into precise shapes and lines. Draw as you would with a pen to create any design in no time. Use existing plans and have the same simplicity and flexibility to overlay on top of them. With the power of mobile CAD, you can use existing plans and have the same simplicity and flexibility to overlay on top of them.

A library of reusable shapes


ArcSite provides you the luxury of creating your own library of reusable shapes. Additionally, the app has its own library of frequently used shapes and blocks. Your whole organization can save time while also creating consistently understandable plans.

Easy to use interface


Traditional CAD software has a steep learning and is cumbersome to use. That’s why we built the tool for mobile and ease of use from the ground up. Even people with ‘little to no’ prior CAD experience can quickly learn and easily use our software.

Impress clients on the spot


ArcSite gives you the flexibility to demonstrate the concept right on the spot. When you want to show something to the client, you don’t need to rush back to the office and find those previous paper plans. Just swipe your fingers over the screen of your iPad and show your skill.

Better synchronization, faster results


Sending back and forth drawings with other functional teams was never so easy. ArcSite helps to ensure a consistent flow of just the right precise information across all teams. You can adjust to the format the receiver needs: DXF for the design & engineering team, PDF format for clients, and Excel for estimators.

If you’re ready to start making site visits and use the power of mobile CAD in your workflow, signup now!

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