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ArcSite for Site Data Collection: The Easiest Way to Create a Site Plan

Does this sound like you?

You head to a job site to collect field data. You use a pad of graph paper, a pencil, maybe a nice ruler, with which you painstakingly draw out the site and do your markup. Or, maybe you start with a blueprint. After that, you have to go back and turn those sketches into site plans, those site plans into pricing, and so on. Eventually, you produce the perfect site project, but only after “touching” the data many times.

That’s a lot of steps performed repeatedly for each site. Fortunately, there is a mobile CAD app that saves you hours on each job site, and days’ worth of rework. 

The modern way to perform field data collection

Ditch the paraphernalia in favor of a tablet and your fingertip. ArcSite is an easy-to-learn mobile CAD app that replaces error-prone manual drawing with a solution that is sophisticated, professional, and incredibly accurate.



It’s as simple as:

  1. Draw the site using any mobile device or tablet, or upload a print, PDF, or photo.
  2. Perform your markup using 1000s of shapes, adjust measurements on the fly, and include a legend to keep it all straight - all while collaborating securely with your team.
  3. Head back to the office, pack up, and go to the next job site because ArcSite will save you up to 50% of the time you spend in the field while collaborating with your team every step of the way.

How can you speed up site data collection?

  1. Move away from manual processes by using a mobile CAD app for drawing or importing a print or photo
  2. Markup site plans with standardized, industry approved shapes
  3. Annotate and add legends for clarity
  4. Collaborate smoothly with your team members across the business
  5. Generate automated budgets/takeoffs and proposals

Collect site data in a snap

Revolutionize your site data collection process with ArcSite’s simple, intuitive interface built for anyone who needs mobile CAD precision. And you don’t need to know CAD to use ArcSite.

Draw the site, or start with a print or photo

ArcSite lets you begin the project process by either drawing the site or importing your prints or pictures. 

If you draw your site plan, it’s a quick and easy process. All you have to do is draw the site in a new ArcSite project using your finger or a stylus and your mobile device. You can scale the canvas as much as you need to to capture the whole site. Recalculate measurements automatically, and let ArcSite do the math for you.

Starting from a print or photo is just as easy. Import the file (including the usual types of images, PDFs, or CAD files), then markup as you need to collect all the data.

Perform site markups

Not only does ArcSite enable you to markup sites easily, we also supply everything you need to represent your site as accurately as possible. You can choose from thousands of prebuilt shapes to represent every facet of your site, from a shrub to a security camera. If what you need isn’t already created, you can make custom shapes in the app.


And if you need to adjust measurements, let ArcSite do it for you automatically and save your calculator. It’s just one more way ArcSite saves you time and effort.

Annotations and Legends

The best-drawn plans still need clarification. Quickly add notes, comments, or questions, without interrupting your workflow. Additionally, ArcSite produces a legend you can use to communicate your site data to your suppliers, teams, and the customer. No more labor-intensive manual work.

Secure cloud collaboration

Keep everyone in the loop with ArcSite’s secure cloud collaboration. Communicate your site data through a secure interface to cloud storage, where you can make sure your team can access it. Collaboration and communication are critical to a successful project, so make sure that every team member is on the same page.

Eliminate error-prone manual processes

Mistakes are expensive, and when you’re using manual methods for site data collection they can certainly add up. With automated calculations, robust collaboration tools, and automatically generated budgets or takeoffs, the potential for error is essentially eliminated.


Save time on every project

Our customers tell us regularly that they spend half the time on site they used to (or less), and that the power and professionalism of an ArcSite presentation lands them deals almost faster than they can keep up.

What could you do with all that reclaimed time? ArcSite customers typically spend the time working at more sites, clawing back some time to work on the business, or getting more facetime with the family. 

However you take advantage of the improved efficiencies you find in ArcSite, you’ll find a solution to fit your business. 

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