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Benefits of using CAD software for estimating construction projects

Overview: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

Have you ever considered using CAD software for estimating construction projects? If you’re a construction professional who is used to creating takeoff documents by hand, you should strongly consider using CAD software for this.

Using CAD software for job estimates is the best way to save time and ensure the job goes smoothly from start to finish.

There are multiple benefits of using CAD software for creating job estimates in construction.

Read on to learn how to use CAD in construction and why you should strongly consider it.

How it Works: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

CAD (computer-aided design) software can appear intimidating at first, but in reality, there are simplified programs that are made to feel just like drawing with pen and paper — and don’t take any time to learn.

The ArcSite app for iPad is the perfect CAD software to estimate your job. ArcSite creates takeoffs from drawings. Whether you scan/photograph and upload the drawing to ArcSite, or create a drawing from scratch using ArcSite, you'll never go back to pen and paper estimates.

ArcSite uses attributes from your drawings to generate a takeoff document.

How does this work? You can indicate metadata for specific shapes and symbols that you use within your drawings.

For instance, if you’re going to use a specific lighting fixture in your drawing, you can easily give that symbol attributes that help in the takeoff process. You can enter notes about the wattage, mount height, Kelvin temp, and more.

Whenever you add this symbol to the drawing, ArcSite remembers that attribute data and keeps track of quantity. When it comes time to export, you can export the plans, takeoff document, and associated photos in one neat bundle. All the attribute data, quantities, and more are included.

Benefits: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

Easy & Fast

Construction takeoffs have never been faster and easier using our CAD software. ArcSite users report 80% in time savings when generating takeoffs and estimates.

The mobile nature of ArcSite allows you to enter notes on the job site electronically and only once instead of doing double the work (paper then the computer).

With a simplified user interface and intuitive technology, ArcSite mimics the feel of using pen and paper at a fraction of the time it usually takes to complete a drawing or takeoff. Little to no learning required! These are only a few of the many advantages of CAD drawings.

Collaborative & Consistent

ArcSite understands you’re not the only person involved in the job. Clients, co-workers, subcontractors, and vendors all touch the job and this means that collaboration and consistency is key.

This is where collaborative CAD software comes in.

Built to make collaboration and sharing fast and easy, ArcSite contains several export options.

You can co-edit in real time with any other members on your team, and with just a couple taps of your screen, send the documents instantly to those who need it.

Affordable & Justifiable

ArcSite is an affordable CAD software app that streamlines your workflow and improves productivity.

Our CAD software plans are tiered to fit your specific needs and budget.

The price of ArcSite is easily justifiable and you will see an immediate return on the investment with improved productivity, collaboration, and substantial time savings.

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