5 Ways A Roofing App Helps Commercial Roofing Sales

Pei Zhan
August 18, 2021
5 min read

Atlanta-based roofer Devin experienced significant improvements to his workflow after implementing ArcSite.

Devin works for an Atlanta-based roofing company. Using a CAD drawing and roofing app called ArcSite, he has improved every aspect of his workflow. From creating field drawings to communicating with clients, tracking roof installations to managing projects, ArcSite allows Devin and his team to carry out more precise work and has eliminated their potential for revenue loss.

1. Better Record Keeping

Devin’s company needs long-term, accurate descriptions of work they do for clients. As the initial plans and the work actually carried out often differ, records must be as detailed and thorough as possible, ideally including relevant photos of the job site.

Prior to using ArcSite Devin’s company sometimes lost track of paper records. If a client called three months after a repair or installation complaining of a leak, the company would try to find the record of the work that was done to determine whether or not the leak was a result of their work. If they couldn’t find the details of the project, they would have to spend time and money doing free repair work.

ArcSite is positioned as a leader in roofing apps, it allows users to save project files in the cloud and easily share them, meaning Devin and his team can instantly pull up detailed information pertaining to any current or past project. They no longer have to worry about missing opportunities to charge for new work.

2. Great Visual Communication

After scoping out a roof, Devin can now hold an immediate conversation with a client about the problems and possible solutions associated with their roof. Using the power of a mobile roofing app, Devin is also able to offer an excellent visual representation of each option he presents to them, using the drawings to capture relevant project information that comes from his discussion with the client.

Prior to using ArcSite, Devin’s on-site conversations with clients relied on words alone to paint a picture of roofing problems and solutions.

He often referenced “that wall up there on your roof—you know, the one you’ve never seen…” Needless to say, the ability to reference detailed site drawings and photos in his conversations with clients makes them much more meaningful for both the client and for Devin. The client has a more specific understanding of the value of the work Devin plans to do, and Devin can move forward with the takeoff and other preliminary logistics.

3. Easier Drawing

Drawing with ArcSite is simple, accurate, and far more efficient than Devin’s previous approach. Before utilizing ArcSite, Devin and his team used pencil and paper to create site plans. Aside from the typical limitations of paper—difficulties drawing to scale, illegibility, etc.—creating drawings for roof repairs and installations presented its own set of additional challenges.
Rain or high winds atop a roof could make it impossible for Devin’s team to collect site information, let alone create a legible drawing while visiting the job site. Using ArcSite, Devin can create site plans faster, more safely, and with greater precision—rain or shine.

4. Immediate Uploads

Once he’s completed a drawing, Devin can upload to the cloud with the click of a button. The drawing and any accompanying photos or notes are immediately “in the system.” He doesn’t have to spend additional time back in the office translating scribbled field notes into a clearer drawing. Nor does he have to worry about losing important information.

5. Efficient Project Management

ArcSite, as a roofing app offers Devin keep his entire team—those in the office and out at a job site—up-to-date on information regarding their projects. Digital drawings and accompanying photos provide a level of visual context which is vital for all team members, which simply didn’t exist before. Now, Devin can hand off a drawing to any member of an installation team and ask them to note day-to-day project improvements with the assurance that project details are clear.


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