So Long Spreadsheets

Letha Wicker
August 24, 2023
5 min read

It’s a sad tale we hear all the time - contractors invest in a technology solution, only to find they still have to bust out Excel to solve big problems. Spreadsheets are slow, clunky and error-prone, hard to share and hard to read. If you’re using them, you know what we’re talking about.

Many drawing programs have a weakness that forces users to plug the holes themselves using spreadsheets. Most often, this is related to pricing and estimation. That makes it even more critical to ensure that everyone who needs the information has access to it.

Unfortunately, in practice that means that anyone who needs the spreadsheet has to either work from a printout (hard to keep updated, easy to lose or damage) or try to read it from the smaller screen of a mobile device (instant headache). Either way, wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to find a solution that will help you breakup with spreadsheets permanently?

Consider this your intervention.

Draw, estimate, propose, and takeoff in one app

ArcSite is an all-in-one app specifically designed for contractors. We’ve spent years listening to folks like you to understand your needs (and ditching spreadsheets is often one of those needs). Let’s walk through what ArcSite brings to the table.

Create detailed site drawings

If you have a tablet and a finger, you can skip the paper and create a precise drawing of the job site. The lines scale to the correct measurements automatically, ensuring accuracy, while a comprehensive shape library allows you to add a huge variety of shapes from shrubbery to swimming pools.



Creating a drawing is simple, and even (dare we say it) fun. 

ArcSite also integrates with measurement tools like Moasure, Leica, and Bosch for ultimate precision.

You can also start from an image or a PDF and markup with shapes and other features. When you add in measurements, it automatically calculates the prices for the estimate. However you want to input your drawings, ArcSite makes it easy.

Estimate onsite for construction plans

As you draw the site, ArcSite automatically calculates the cost of every product you use. We provide many standardized material costs through prebuilt libraries, but you can use your own. Just upload that Excel file and forget about spreadsheets forever.

What is the easiest way to create site plans?

  1. Measure the project dimensions, preferably with a laser tool like Moasure or Leica
  2. Draw the project in ArcSite using your finger or a stylus
  3. Let ArcSite price your drawing to create an estimate for costs
  4. Create an automatic custom proposal
  5. Generate takeoff lists that are extremely accurate

Craft proposals from the job site

Once you take a minute to upload your logo, you can create professional custom proposals. These proposals not only look slick, they are clear and understandable for your customers. As your customers grow more sophisticated, generating a proposal that looks great before you even leave the site is a smart move.


Perfect takeoffs every time

You’ve done it - you’ve just spent as little as half the time to craft a perfectly detailed estimate. Your smart proposal sealed the deal. Now it’s time to take off. 

ArcSite helps you out by generating takeoffs based on your measurements and estimate. Our takeoff lists are accurate down to the last nail, and they’re ready for you to take action on immediately. No more taking work back to the office or home at the end of the day.


Spreadsheets aren’t good for you or your business. ArcSite helps you kick the habit while enjoying a host of other benefits. Request a custom demo today!


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