How modern designers collaborate using CAD for iPad

Looking for a collaboration software that handles CAD for iPad? ArcSite’s CAD software app is ideal for easily collaborating with everyone involved in a job.

There’s barely any learning involved in using this drafting app, and we make it as simple and flexible as possible when it comes to collaborating with your coworkers on drawings, and so much more. Let's dive into the benefits of using CAD for iPad, as well as ArcSite’s features. Learn why our mobile CAD app for iPad is the best option available on the market for collaboration, ease-of-use, precision, and productivity.

What Makes ArcSite the Ideal CAD Collaboration Software for iPad?


Easy Co-Editing & Sharing


ArcSite is the best CAD collaboration tool for easily co-editing drawings. When you need multiple people to make edits on a single drawing, ArcSite gives your team the ability to work concurrently without compromising each other’s designs. What’s more, change-tracking enables you to see who made edits where, and when the edits were made.

Having the drawings stored in one place for multiple team members to work on eliminates messy file sharing. It also eliminates the second-guessing that comes with exporting and important various versions of the same drawing.

Quick, Flexible File Exports & Sharing


With ArcSite, you have the liberty to quickly export files in various formats. This means that if you need to export something to a client in PDF instead of CSV, you can — and vice versa. ArcSite gives you the ability to separate parts of your drawings into layers and then share specific layers with specific people.

So if the engineer needs to see a specific layer or element of the drawing that’s different from what the architect needs to see, you can send that specific part. Upon export, you can zoom to that part and export what you zoomed in on. This is particularly helpful for giving subcontractors or installers the particular section of the drawing they need for their own work without compromising the integrity of the plan.

With this capability, everyone can get as little — or as much — information as you wish. This ends up saving everyone time and confusion. You can also export a file in a format that is still manipulatable, or you can export a file that cannot be changed by the recipient. ArcSite supports the following file formats:

  • DXF (for drawings)
  • PDF (for forms and takeoffs)
  • CSV (for forms and takeoffs)
  • PNG (for images)

With ArcSite’s CAD collaboration software for iPad, it only takes a couple of taps on the screen to export or share a file. Simply choose the file, the format, and the delivery option (email, text, and more). Even better, when you upload to your organization’s cloud drive in ArcSite, you can add a comment for your team to see.

Centralized File Storage


ArcSite is not only CAD drawing software, it also serves as a central hub for your team’s documents related to a job. This includes photos, custom forms and checklists, drawings, takeoffs, and more. Everyone who has access to ArcSite in your organization can access the same information in one location. And, you can group all these files by project. This way, everyone is on the same page and has accurate information on hand at all times.

Easy-to-Use CAD Interface


Anyone on your team can pick up our collaborative CAD app right away and start using it— even if they have no previous CAD experience. Unlike many other CAD software programs, there’s no training required. It’s really that easy. How is this possible? When we developed ArcSite, we were on a mission to create simple CAD software without a clunky, cluttered interface.

Our founders were former AutoCAD developers who were familiar with the challenges people faced when using traditional desktop CAD software. Equipped with this knowledge, the founders developed a powerful yet practical interface for ArcSite.

With ArcSite, there are no confusing toolbars or deep levels of commands. You simply get the features you need to do your job, along with the right amount of flexibility you need within each of those features.

Smart Technology to Streamline Your Work


ArcSite's collaborative CAD for iPad software is revolutionizing the way architects, engineers, and construction professionals work. Without making things complicated, we have powerful technology working behind the scenes to make your work processes easier.

ArcSite Uses Drawing Data to Create Your Takeoffs

If you create a drawing, ArcSite will track the numbers associated with your drawing and shapes to generate a takeoff schedule for you. So not only do you save time in the drawing process, but you also save time down the road. This is something that simply cannot be achieved with pencil and paper. Our clients claim ArcSite reduces the time spent creating takeoffs, some even by 80%.

ArcSite Provides You With Custom Forms for Smart Data Collection


With ArcSite’s easy CAD collaboration software, you can create custom forms for your team to use out in the field. You can create standard drop downs to promote consistent and accurate data or customize the fields in any way and order you wish. So whether you’re creating a site survey form for collecting data or providing a checklist for new folks who need more direction while walking the site, ArcSite makes this process “smart.

Attach Pictures to Precise Locations


Field workers can attach photos to specific data or sections of the forms as they walk the site. With ArcSite’s CAD for iPad tools, there’s no need to carrying around a camera and a separate paper form to later pair up at the computer. We provide a better solution.

From the job site, you can take a photo with the ArcSite app, attach it to a specific part of a form (or a drawing) and this is instantly made available to anyone who needs to see it. This means that if there are any questions from the field, you can see exactly what is going on at the site from the office or on-the-go This saves time for you and for the workers on-site by expanding your understanding of what is being encountered on site. This eliminates time-consuming, back-and-forth correspondence.

Create Client-Facing Deliverables to their Specifications


From your custom forms, you can set them up to appear in a certain way to your internal team and then create a different view of them for your clients. This means that you don’t need to redo an entire form that’s already been filled out in order for it to appear the way that your client is “used to” seeing it. ArcSite’s technology makes this automatic and painless.

Ready to Try ArcSite?


Using CAD for iPad, designers are collaborating with ArcSite’s easy CAD collaboration software. Try ArcSite today to save time, money, and improve productivity across your team.

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