How Do You Know If You Should Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Contracting Business?

Letha Wicker
May 18, 2023
5 min read


Hiring an agency isn’t a rite of passage for every contractor. What makes sense for another pro might not make sense for you. However, for some contractors, an agency becomes a necessity. How do you know which choice is right for you?The short (and not very helpful) answer is that when you know, you know.A period of sustained growth is a helpful indicator. It doesn’t need to be explosive growth where you’re hiring ten new estimators and scrambling to keep up with orders. But, if you have been engaging in some of the marketing activities we’ve described here, you may very well find yourself ready to grow.Once you’ve educated yourself on marketing fundamentals for contractors, you will be able to judge your marketing efforts critically to decide what works and what doesn’t. You’ll know if you’ve hit a roadblock, or if you’re cruising along.One of the biggest likely drains is producing a constant stream of fresh content for your audience to consume. Providing relevant content is the first step to building trust and mind share with your audience. The marketing engine you’re building must be fueled regularly. Social media, blogs, website design and copywriting, graphic design - the list of skills you need to pull off marketing on a bigger scale is daunting.An outside agency can provide all those and more in the form of strategy. A good agency can and should be exploring new avenues for marketing your contractor business, including new channels and platforms.Proceed to download an evaluation form you can use to evaluate agencies if you decide that route is best for your business.

Evaluating Marketing Agencies for Contractors


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