One App to Rule Them All: the Best Floor Plan App for iPhone, Android, and Windows

App stores are chock full of floor plan apps. But how do you find the right one for your business? You need to do a lot more than just draw a floor plan - you need to map out the whole job site and use that to calculate estimates. But what’s the best floor plan app for iPhone, Android and Windows? 

Whether you’re a fencer or a concrete contractor or an electrical specialist, homeowner or hobbyist, ArcSite’s got you covered.

ArcSite - the best floor plan and drawing estimate platform app for contractors

ArcSite, a mobile CAD estimating app, is the best floor plan app on the market, giving you the power to sketch a job, accurately estimate costs, create onsite proposals, and generate takeoff lists right from the customer’s home. Drawings price themselves as you sketch, and the estimates even include your custom products and margins. 

Whether you’re using an iPhone or a Windows or Android device, ArcSite produces not just hyper-accurate floor plans, but also everything you need across the job lifecycle.

ArcSite is also commonly used by professionals as site inspection software. Its precision and ease of use make gathering accurate information a breeze.

Draw floor plans on your iPhone, Android or Windows device

Drawing in ArcSite is as easy as dragging your fingertip across your screen. Create stunning and accurate drawings in a fraction of the time you spend on pencil and paper. 

Generate accurate quotes and proposals before you leave the home

Imagine being able to, in one home visit, create a hyper accurate, professional proposal before you even leave, confident that your proposal drawings are all priced properly.Present to your customers right there and then. ArcSite also helps you accept payments onsite. You can even offer credit through Wisetack. 

Eliminate wasteful calculation errors

One of the greatest benefits to ArcSite for iPhone, Android, and Windows is the ability to generate incredibly accurate takeoff and materials lists. All you have to do is draw - and let ArcSite take it from there. Import your inventory, set your prices and margins, and you’re good to go in no time.

One thing is for sure - using ArcSite CAD for construction for even one day can show you a whole new world of efficiency and profitability. Choose the best floor plan app for iPhone, Android, and Windows. Request a custom demo or sign up for a free trial today.


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