How ArcSite’s CAD Software Eliminates Complicated Handoffs for Sales Managers

Management Made Easy with ArcSite

As a sales manager or survey manager, your team likely maintains consistent communication with the design team.

What we have seen at many AEC businesses is that the sales team hands off a bunch of paper drawings, photos, and forms to the design team. The design team then spends much of their time interpreting the information and then reproducing it all in a digital format. In addition to this, they typically spend ample time grouping related files in a way that makes organizational sense.

What’s more, when members of the design team need to reach field workers for clarification, this is a bottleneck to job progress. The field workers need to pause working on the new job to answer questions about old jobs, and the old jobs get delayed.

This often creates intracompany tension and leaves managers dealing with issues between employees.

ArcSite is used by tens of thousands of professionals like yourself to create professional CAD drawings onsite. The app enables you to share these drawings directly with colleagues or imported into a desktop CAD program immediately or later on.

This way, your files are organized and you can hand off precise editable CAD files to the design team. This reduces time spent on correspondence regarding the interpretation of your drawings, photos, and files. The design team will never need to second guess the paper-based “chicken scratch” or risk misinterpreting data that leads to errors in a project.

Based on our case study with Johnson Controls, ArcSite can save up to 50% of the time involved in this process.

More and more sales and survey professionals are using mobile CAD tools to create and markup professional CAD drawings onsite. It saves time and improves close rates. Not to mention the design team can start with a precise editable CAD format and will not need to second guess the paper-based “chicken scratch.”

We’ve talked to multiple design teams who now refuse to accept anything other than ArcSite once they start using it.

Save your team time and headache, and start to experience more productive workdays with ArcSite.


CAD Software for Easier Handoffs to the Design Team

When the design team receives hand-off documents at work, do they often come back and ask questions? Are some of those questions ones that your team simply cannot answer?

As a CAD software company, we are familiar with the challenges involved with paper document handoffs between functional teams. When anything is done on paper, there is room for misinterpretation or error. And this leads to confusion and tension.

While paper and pen is still used widely throughout the AEC industry, it is not the most effective medium for easy communication.

Read more about how the ArcSite CAD app facilitates smooth, quality handoffs from your field teams to the design team, eliminating tensions involved in that process. But first, we’ll give you a quick overview of ArcSite and how it’s different from other CAD software programs.

How is ArcSite Different from Other CAD Software Programs?

ArcSite is different from other CAD software programs due to its ease-of-use, mobile nature, and high-precision, intuitive technology.

As former AutoCAD developers, we knew exactly what pained AEC professionals and their coworkers when it came to traditional CAD software. So we came up with a solution to all these problems by developing easy CAD functionality paired with productivity-improving features in ArcSite.

When you use ArcSite, you experience a clutter-free interface–and you don’t need to deal with any confusing toolbars. This isn’t by chance. When we developed ArcSite, we purposely eliminated excess tools and put power behind the most important features needed to do your job well.

What’s more, anyone on your team can fully learn the program without any previous experience. Unlike other CAD software programs, you can learn ArcSite without any formal training–in as little as just a few minutes.

As a mobile CAD app for iPad, ArcSite was built on mobile-first foundation. This means that you get an extremely high-quality CAD experience on mobile, which differs from many other technical drawing programs that lack a fully functional mobile CAD experience.

Best of all, ArcSite interprets your freehand sketches as you draw on the iPad and translates them to high-precision lines and arcs.

One of the most significant benefits of using ArcSite is that it eliminates the need to digitize paper drawings and transfer data. Everything is done once and digitally instead of needing to rework.

With ArcSite’s cloud-based mobile technology, collaboration is smoother and easier than ever before.


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