Samsung Announces ArcSite's Availability on Android Tablets at its July Unpacked Event

At the Samsung Unpacked event in Seoul, South Korea, the tech giant announced that ArcSite will be the CAD and drawing app featured on its new Samsung devices. This move demonstrates that we are the mobile CAD app of choice for both contractor professionals and DIYers, available on any platform both in the office and in the field. Learn more about ArcSite for Android and Windows now!

What is ArcSite?

If you’re looking for a simple CAD solution that packs a serious punch, you’re in luck - ArcSite is easy to use and powerful in action. If you were watching and curious about what ArcSite is and what it does, we’ve got the download for you.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) allows you to create hyper-accurate drawings for just about any project or job, but it is notoriously difficult to use (until ArcSite came along!), and it can take years to master the basics. ArcSite puts CAD in the hands of anyone who wants to create accurate floor and site plans through a simple and intuitive interface with a low learning curve.

ArcSite for Contractors

ArcSite’s robust CAD foundation gives you the power to draw a customer site, but it also comes packed with features that are essential for contractors:

  • Detailed drawings are just the beginning - use our expansive prebuilt shape library (with shapes across many industries), or create custom shapes to describe the site as accurately as possible. 
  • Your jobs price themselves as you draw -add all of our products to your drawing and ArcSite automatically generates a beautiful proposal for presentation to your customer. They can even accept it and sign right on-site
  • Make a serious splash - ArcSite isn’t just a site plan drawing tool. It allows you to create beautiful custom proposals right on site (you can even use a good/better/best framework) and accept payments for a seamless customer experience.
  • Export detailed material takeoff lists - Stop paying the price for over or underordering. ArcSite allows you to generate detailed takeoff lists with a high degree of accuracy.

ArcSite for designers and DIYers

For DIY enthusiasts, using a CAD app ensures accurate plans, which are necessary for successful projects. With ArcSite, you can draw with your finger and then watch your drawings come to life. Pre-built shapes like furniture, appliances, doors, windows, landscaping elements and more that you can drag and drop onto the canvas make it even easier.

There are a lot of floor plan applications on the market, but ArcSite isn’t just a floor plan tool - it harnesses the accuracy of CAD and puts it firmly on your side.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, ArcSite on your Samsung tablet or phone* gives you the power to create better.

Special Offer on ArcSite in the Galaxy Store

Get 30% off your first three months of ArcSite, no matter which plan you choose, and enjoy an extended 30-day free trial with special access to all premium features. Download on the Galaxy Store now.

What are you waiting for? If you’re a Samsung fan, you can’t pass up this opportunity to get your fingers on the only mobile CAD drawing app that’s Samsung approved!

*Also available on Google Play for all Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS.

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