My Fence Life Debuts ArcSite JobNimbus Integration

Last week ArcSite’s Justin Judy was a guest on the My Fence Life podcast, hosted by Dan Blanc of Fence King. During the show, Justin had the opportunity to discuss our brand new integration with JobNimbus, the premier CRM solution for contractors. 

Dan, a big fan of both ArcSite and JobNimbus, had several great questions about the integration:

One: How does the handoff of information work between ArcSite and JobNimbus?

After you connect JobNimbus to your ArcSite account (a simple fill-in-the-field process), you have many options to take advantage of the integration. Perhaps the most common use case is converting jobs from JobNimbus into ArcSite projects. The automation built into the integration will automatically create an ArcSite project when your contact is turned into a “Job” in JobNimbus. When you are finished in ArcSite, all related documents (bill of materials, photos, and the proposal) will push back into the documents field of JobNimbus.

Two: So my leads and contacts are connected between the two software solutions?

That is correct. What this means in the field is that you can just pull in applicable contact information for your proposal without having to set it up separately - the contact info from JobNimbus populates in the ArcSite proposal automatically. 

Three: Will ArcSite allow me to pull my products from JobNimbus?

Even better. Because both ArcSite and JobNimbus generate spreadsheet files (.csv), you can easily export the products from Jobnimbus into a .csv file and import them into ArcSite using the import template. ArcSite then takes your inventory and generates accurate material lists with pricing right there on site based on your drawings.

Justin also talked about the work ArcSite and JobNimbus have put in to make sure that the integration was fulfilling the needs of the fencing professionals we serve. In addition to scoping out the tech on the backend, we pulled in several experienced fencing pros who use both ArcSite and JobNimbus. We asked what their wish list was, and then we made sure to account for their feature suggestions in the final integration. 

Created for fencers, the ArcSite and JobNimbus integration will speed your sales process in the field while reducing repetitive work in the office.

Schedule a custom demo or start a 14 day free trial to experience the seamless integration between two leading fence software resources.


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