Identify Your Customers and Define Your Audience

The first step toward identifying your ideal customer is understanding your current ones thoroughly. Do they have anything in common aside from needing your services? 

Some commonalities could include specific geographical areas, income levels, and demographic elements like age and gender. If your current customer base is older adults or younger Millennials, you will need to tailor your marketing efforts to their media consumption habits.

At the same time, you need to grow your audience. The ideal customer will of course have enough income to afford your services, but what other attributes do they share? Your list could include:

  • Customers who have recently purchased a home
  • Average time in their residences (one year? ten?)
  • Customers who need financing for your services 
  • Marital status, household size and income

Your list will vary depending on your geographic area and specialty. You can find a great deal of useful demographic information at the U.S. Census Bureau.

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