How is ArcSite better than other CAD software?

ArcSite is an easy to learn and use app that can bring a lot of value to your workflows. It also has a number of features and/or abilities that folks may not have seen yet.

While I send out emails describing some of those new or “new to you” options, I also am going to place them here as well.

Reusable Shapes

You have likely already used ArcSite’s Reusable Shapes to speed up the process of creating drawings and making them all consistent. However, beyond the basics, there is a lot you can do to make them more useful and usable for you.

Click on any of the following links to read more about the topic:

  • Supplement the Basic shapes that ship with the product by downloading extra Shape libraries
  • Create your own shapes – We have a lot of shapes available, but it is easy to create new ones or modify existing ones
  • Create your own library of commonly used shapes. When you save an existing shape or create a new one, they will all appear under your “My Shapes” category. We can extend that so all of your coworkers see and use the same ones as well.
  • Edit a shape – From small minor size changes to wholesale large changes, there are a number of ways to adjust the shapes
  • Have shapes always appear at a particular size  – By default, some of the shapes will come in at sizes other than you want them at. This forces you to resize them every time. By saving at a specific size, they will come in “correct” every time.
  • Make them “snap” to other objects. – By adding “snapping points” to your shapes you can speed up the process of getting them to the right place on the drawing
  • Fill in a shape – By default ArcSite Shapes are a single object. So even if they look like they could be filled, they can’t by default. However, you can first break a shape apart to allow it to be filled.

Shapes can also be used as the input to automatically create a Customer Proposal and a Takeoff/Bill of Materials by converting them into an ArcSite Product.

Check out our post on ArcSite vs. Bluebeam and read more about which is a better fit for your company.

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