What’s new in ArcSite? | August 2020

Recently Added Features and Improvements

We’ve been working on making ArcSite more customizable and easy-to-use over the course of our last few updates.

Here are a few of the ways that we have improved ArcSite recently:


We are constantly working on making ArcSite more user-friendly and accessible. We have recently made quite a few improvements, based on user requests and our long-term mission to make ArcSite the easiest, yet most powerful, mobile CAD program on the market.

Here are some of the improvements we’ve made recently to the usability of the app:

  • More accurate default sizes of openings when added to drawings
  • Saving defaults for sizes and last used tabs
  • Text tool changes and improvements
  • Remembering the last used wall thicknesses
  • Darker Grid Background for better outputs
  • DWG export improvements –  Color and Hatch Fills. Multiple-line text. No longer zipped files
  • Implemented reminders for when work is not uploaded


ArcSite makes proposal generation easier than ever, and we are working to make our proposals more robust and customizable for any business.

We have taken in your feedback and made the following improvements on our Proposal features:

  • A variety of different options for proposal output templates
  • Discount and Markup at Project Level
  • Adding embedded site photos to the output proposal
  • Added Mandatory fields
  • Taxes – choosing from the available and toggling them on and off
  • Added quantities for virtual products
  • Improved the sign-in process on the app
  • Proactively setup project with client details before going to the job site


Company and Management Level Features

ArcSite has always been a great tool for those in the field, but now we’re working to make it even better for those back in the office. Supervisors and management now have more customization than ever on how their teams’ work is organized and reported.

Here are some of the features we added recently:

  • Create User Groups for easier sharing amongst your team
  • Mass Archiving of projects
  • Rename projects from the user site
  • A usage report for the office or management
  • Project Level Tagging



We want to work for you, which means integrating with the other programs that make your business tick.

ArcSite has recently added integrations with the following programs:


ArcSite can now integrate with the world’s most-used accounting software. Automatically connect your customers and invoices made in Quickbooks with your projects in ArcSite.


ArcSite now connects with the most popular CRM in the world. ArcSite and Salesforce record every interaction with your customers that you need to track.


Never have to enter client information more than once with this integration. ArcSite and Improveit360 work together to ensure that every interaction with your customers is documented and tracked.


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