Custom Gutter Shop Drawing

Patrick Caldwell
May 15, 2024
5 min read


Custom gutters are essential for effective water management around a building, preventing water damage and enhancing the building's aesthetic appeal. Accurate and detailed shop drawings for custom gutters ensure proper installation and functionality, tailored to specific design requirements.

What is a Custom Gutter? Custom gutters are specially designed and fabricated gutter systems that fit the unique architectural features of a building. These gutters provide tailored solutions for efficient water drainage and protection against water damage.

Importance of Accurate Gutter Shop Drawings:

  1. Precision: Detailed drawings ensure the gutters are fabricated and installed correctly, matching the building's specifications.
  2. Functionality: Properly designed gutters enhance water management, preventing issues like foundation erosion and water damage.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Custom designs can enhance the building's exterior look, adding to its overall value.

Overview of the Drawing: This drawing provides a comprehensive view of the custom gutter design, including the following components:

  1. Straight Back Profile
  2. Flanged Back Profile
  3. Detailed dimensions and measurements for each profile
  4. Mounting and attachment details

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Custom Gutter Shop Drawing
Custom Gutter Shop Drawing created in ArcSite


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