Concrete Formwork Shop Drawing

Patrick Caldwell
May 17, 2024
5 min read


Concrete formwork is a crucial aspect of construction, providing the mold for concrete to set and achieve its desired shape. Whether you are working on residential, commercial, or industrial projects, having precise and detailed formwork shop drawings is essential for ensuring structural integrity and efficiency.

What is Concrete Formwork?
Concrete formwork refers to the temporary or permanent molds used to hold poured concrete in place while it sets. This can include a variety of materials and systems tailored to different construction needs.

Importance of Accurate Formwork Drawings:

Safety: Properly designed formwork ensures the safety of workers and the integrity of the structure.
Efficiency: Detailed drawings help streamline the construction process, reducing errors and delays.
Cost-Effective: Accurate drawings minimize material waste and labor costs.

Overview of the Drawing:

This drawing provides a comprehensive view of the concrete formwork structure, including the following components:

- Wood Spreader
- Board Sheathing
- Ties
- Plywood Sheathing
- Brace to Solid Construction
- Stud
- Double Wales
- Sill or Plate

Accessing the Drawing:
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Concrete Formwork - Shop Drawing
Concrete Formwork Shop Drawing created in ArcSite


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