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Close More Pest Control Deals with These 3 Tips

What’s your pest control estimating process? Chances are, you’re using pencil and paper and doing way too much “homework” to finalize your estimates. Even though pest control technology is needed year-round, your customers are becoming very choosy about the way your estimates or proposals are delivered.

The Changing Face of Pest Control Technology

The surest way to lose business in pest control is a simple lack of professionalism. From how you act around potential customers to the proposal you leave behind, it’s crucial to always present yourself and your company as the professionals you are. That might go beyond the company polo shirt. Consider the overall quality of these interactions: what are your customers looking for in a pest control company?

Of course they’re looking for the best quality pest control company to handle their infestations and termite inspections. But, consumers today are increasingly biased in favor of companies that can deliver consistent and accurate proposals in a digital format. It’s not just Millennials preferring digital communications (although the oldest members of that cohort are nearing 40) - it’s becoming something we see throughout the service industries among all age groups.

Let’s explore three tips we see working time and again.

“Our Sales Inspectors are averaging a 70% close rate, and we are the highest cost provider in our territory. When I personally go out on a sales call, I average around a 90% close rate.”

Mike Adams, E3 Termite and Pest Control

Tip 1: Your Reputation is Everything

According to our 2022 Homeowner’s Survey, almost 40% of pest control customers still rely on referrals and word of mouth. Your reputation in the field is key to making your business stand out - it’s a cyclone that builds with every customer interaction. Every good experience leads to referrals which lead to more business.

Here are four steps you can take to make a difference today:

  • Ensure you and your team are as professional as possible at all times, which could mean everything from standardized uniforms to slick proposals delivered digitally.
  • Standardize your sales presentations so that you always know what your reps are quoting and prevent estimates which don’t meet your preferred revenue margins.
  • Incentivize referrals and rewards to accommodate customers who rely on ratings and reviews to choose a pest control company.
  • Optimize your digital presence to include not just your website, but also your social media efforts. Paid social media ads, for example, can offer a lot of bang for your buck - just be sure to set a maximum spend amount.

Tip 2: Digitize Your Processes

Like it or not, going digital isn’t just for whippersnappers anymore. Our Homeowner’s Survey revealed that 75% of homeowners prefer a digital estimate over a handwritten one. They are easier to understand and convey a sense of competency and the ability to operate within the changing landscape of pest control.

As with so many things, getting started is half the battle. It’s easy to get lost in your options: what technology should I take into the field? What tools are available to make digitization within reach? Where do I even start?

Start with these general principles, and build from there:

  • Produce and distribute estimates and proposals digitally, rather than pen and paper. 75% of homeowners would say this is a crucial first step in your modernization plan.
  • Deliver quotes as quickly as possible - the early bird gets the worm. Homeowners (and humans in general) tend to favor the first option they receive. Use digital delivery of proposals in real time to impress your pest control customers and win a crucial edge in the decision process.
  • Use your quote as a presentation and sales tool, not just a leave-behind. You’re not just selling yourself based on price or quality of service. Instead, you could be gaining a customer for life with your professionalism.

Tip #3: Stand Out

It’s no secret that most homeowners seek three or more bids before deciding which pest control estimate to select. You know how fierce competition can be in a crowded market, which means you have to find a way to distinguish yourself from other pest control companies. Ultimately, that means giving your customers what they want, when they want it, to stay at the head of the pack.

What can you do to stand out? These tips can help you come out on top:

  • Build trust with your customers by educating them on common problems. You’re the pest control professional, and that makes you the customer’s personal thought leader. Taking the time to educate can pay off in a big way.
  • Create custom proposals that address the customer’s needs while presenting yourself as polished and professional.
  • Include suggested solutions, professional drawings, and custom photos every time a representative calls on a customer.
  • Color code problem areas so that the homeowner knows what you’re recommending and why.

ArcSite: The Pest Control Technology Tool for the 21st Century

Modernizing, digitizing, and standing out in a crowd are all daunting prospects, especially if you’re still using offline methods to generate proposals. ArcSite is a mobile tool used on a tablet that allows you to draw accurately and easily to represent the site, estimate based on your inventory and desired margins, and close deals before you even leave your customers.

Recently, we hosted a webinar with PCT magazine and Mike Adams, a long-time user of ArcSite and pest control professional. It covers important information on the state of pest control and homeowners in 2022 and goes into detail about the three tips we talked about above. It’s a great resource for education and inspiration. 

Take some time to watch on YouTube, and be sure to come to us with any questions you might have along the way. 


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