5 things to know before buying a gutter machine

Starting a gutter business is no easy task, and buying a gutter machine is no small investment. New business owners looking to get into the gutter business should keep these things in mind before buying a gutter machine.

1. Will you offer gutter installation and fabrication at first?

Experienced gutter installers know that not all gutter companies sell the same products and services. If you don't have the initial funds to purchase a gutter machine, your business may start out as an installation-only service.

Your company is responsible for finding customers, creating estimates, and installing the gutters. There are a number of companies that you can hire to cut gutters to your specifications on-site. Just add your labor and other expenses and you have a service business that requires very little start-up cash.

2. Determine the right time to buy a gutter machine

If and when your business does have the funds available to buy a seamless gutter machine, you are able to go from buying "premade" gutters to producing them at a fraction of the cost.

If your business plan involves selling to construction and roofing companies, making connections within the industry is much easier when you have the ability to fabricate gutters. Your business may choose to only fabricate seamless gutters, but having workers available to offer fabrication and installation is ideal.

3. Analyze the market for investment level

Depending on the scale of your business and if you plan to offer services to construction, residential, and commercial customers, you may require more than one machine. This means there will be a much higher initial investment, so it is worth considering how you plan to enter the market.

Are there enough residential and commercial business opportunities in your area to justify having more than one gutter machine? Or will your business focus on one key market at first and scale in the future based on demand?

4. Consider all start-up costs

While a gutter machine may be one of the biggest early investments for your business, there are a number of other start-up costs to consider, including:

  • Work vehicle
  • Employees
  • Insurance (Health, liability, workman's comp)
  • Taxes
  • Tools and equipment

For insurance and tax purposes, it is important to register your business, most commonly as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This is a fairly inexpensive, but important, first step in starting your gutter business.

5. Use digital tools to maximize productivity

Have you considered adding technology to your business on the ground level? Using mobile estimation software allows your business to provide on-site quotes. This is beneficial for getting accurate measurements, less material waste, automated calculations, and cloud-backed storage for easy organization.

When it comes to ensuring accuracy, consistency, and professionalism, a pen and paper process just won't cut it in this era. Customers expect the ability to send and receive job information that fits their lifestyle.

ArcSite as a mobile drawing and estimation solution

ArcSite's gutter estimate software allows your business to draw, quote, and report on-site. This speeds up the estimation process and allows you to close deals quickly and share information with customers, installers, and subcontractors instantly.


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