Manifold Gauge Comparison

The global HVAC market is enormous, valued currently at hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide with steady expansion in coming years. Several factors are driving this growth, from rising global temperatures to increasing calls for automation and energy efficiency.

One of the most important tools HVAC pros like you use to keep systems up and running is the manifold gauge. The manifold gauge set typically includes a low-pressure gauge (blue) and a high-pressure gauge (red), along with corresponding hoses that connect to the HVAC system's service ports.

Let’s look at the strengths of each of the top manufacturers.

Yellow Jacket: Renowned for their rugged design and precision, Yellow Jacket manifold gauges are widely used by HVAC professionals. They offer a wide range of gauges for different refrigerants and applications.

Fieldpiece: Known for their innovative HVAC tools, Fieldpiece manifold gauges come with advanced features such as wireless technology, allowing for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Testo: Testo is a leader in measurement technology, and their manifold gauges are appreciated for their accuracy and ease of use. They often incorporate digital technology for precise measurements and data logging.

Fluke: While Fluke is more widely known for their multimeters and electrical test equipment, they also offer HVAC tools, including manifold gauges that meet their high standards for accuracy and durability.

CPS Products: CPS Products specializes in HVAC and refrigeration tools, including manifold gauges that are designed for the professional technician. Their products often feature innovative designs and user-friendly interfaces.

Imperial: Part of the Stride Tool family, Imperial manufactures high-quality manifold gauges that are durable and reliable.

Robinair: A brand well-regarded for its refrigeration service tools, Robinair's manifold gauges are known for their durability and precision, suitable for both automotive and HVAC applications.

With new regulations on the books (and more coming all the time) and the influence of higher global temperatures and new technologies, HVAC is a dynamic and fast growing industry. The right tools make all the difference out in the field, so make sure you’re choosing wisely.

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