It's Official: New ArcSite SolutionView Integration Is Here!

On April 13th, SolutionView announced their integration with ArcSite at their Redefine conference. Now, you have the power to use both solutions together and to streamline your operations through greater collaboration. Jeff Peters, Sales Coach at SolutionView, made the announcement to cheers among the crowd, where enthusiasm was high. 

Now SolutionView users can use ArcSite to easily capture current site conditions and mark them up with proposed solutions using ArcSite's easy-to-use drawing canvas and product libraries. These drawings and plans are instantly synced back to SolutionView for presentation to the homeowner.


See below for the full story straight from Redefine! Find out more about the integration, or book a customized demo to see it in action!


"Available today. ArcSite and Magic Plan. The ability to integrate with either ArcSite or Magic Plan gives you the option to choose the bestdrawing tool to fit your needs. These applications feature state of the art CAD-like drawing tools, but you don't need an engineering degree to understand how to use it. With their intuitive user interface,

Creating a job drawing couldn't be easier, giving you the opportunity to take your drawings to the next level. And since we are creating a digital drawing during the inspection, now you can use that same drawing for your proposal as well. One drawing, that day.

How many sales reps are a fan of that?"


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