CAD Software Shopping: 6 Qualities to Look for in CAD Software

What to Look for in CAD Software


CAD software is an investment that should go beyond traditional design. Whether you’re in the market to find an easier CAD software option or you’re new to the world of computer-aided design, we’ll let you in on the top 6 qualities to look for in CAD software today. What we outline below will help your business excel beyond the design phase, and will end up saving you time, money and headache.

Reliable Mobile Capability


Mobile technology is evolving at lightning speed. You don’t want to appear to clients as if you live in the dinosaur age, and you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of mobile technology for your business operations. That being said, when you shop for CAD software, you should check out the mobile app associated with it. Fair warning that many CAD software companies develop mobile apps as an afterthought which results in limitations while using the app, such as dropped features.

At ArcSite, we developed our CAD software with a mobile-first approach, meaning the experience is fully optimized for mobile without compromising power, functionality, and ease-of-use. Your CAD software should be compatible with iPad so you can create and share drawings on the go, without needing to be in the office.

Productivity-Boosting Features

The CAD software you choose should have the capability to use data from your drawings to create other documents such as takeoffs. This way, you continue to benefit from the hard work you originally put into your drawing by easily repurposing this data down the line. CAD software should eliminate the need for rework. However, this isn’t the case with many CAD programs, as very few are available in a mobile version.

With ArcSite, you create the drawing and/or input data on your iPad once and it’s done. This way, it’s already digitized. No paper is involved, and no paper-to-computer rework is necessary.

Intuitive and Easy to Learn


Your CAD software should be easy and intuitive. Whatever CAD software you choose, make sure it doesn’t require you and your team to receive training.

Software should improve your productivity. What it shouldn’t do is drain it from the get-go. Seamless adoption among your team members is important as to not disrupt your operations. Anyone should be able to pick it up today and start using it, especially as you hire new employees. When you’re shopping for CAD software, try a free demo of the software on behalf of your team to make sure it is simple to use.

Powerful Yet Practical


Your new CAD software should come with all the functionality you need to do your job right. However, it should also be practical. With many CAD software programs, there is an excessive amount of tools available, and an extreme amount of control offered in each and every tool. This is why you often see such crowded, confusing toolbars on the screen and often need in-depth training to use them.

With ArcSite, we included only the necessary tools you need to do your job and made them simple and easy to use. We give you the control you need to within these tools without going overboard. There are no complex commands to learn. Just start drawing!

High Precision 

When you’re searching for CAD software, you should keep in mind that high precision and the ability to scale your drawings are important to your success. It’s especially important when you’re working with specific industry-defined standards for precision. ArcSite allows you to easily scale your drawings. What’s more, it will automatically turn your freehand sketches into high-precision lines and arcs so you don’t have to.

Improves Sales

What you should look for in a CAD app is not only ease of use and practicality, but also the ability to double as a sales tool. The CAD software you choose should have an interface that is clean and presentable for showing drawings to your clients in person.

With ArcSite, you can professionally demonstrate concepts in front of your clients on-site or in the office. Aside from our clear and precise interface, the fast turnarounds and accuracy on client deliverables convey a level of professionalism that will earn you new clients and repeat business.

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