ArcSite’s Sales and Marketing Team Breaks Down Their CAD App for iPad

Pei Zhan
August 18, 2021
5 min read

The ArcSite team joined Paul Matthew to talk about how our CAD app for iPad is helping residential contractors close deals on the go.




Watch the full video HERE

Larry Lynch is a Digital Marketing Specialist, specializing in SAAS B2B marketing. Noah is an account executive with ArcSite. ArcSite makes it easy to create professional drawings, instantly review bills of material, and generate customer proposals on the go.

In addition to explaining how our app is helping professionals ditch pen and paper, this video contains helpful tips start marketing your business.

Whether you have a product similar to our mobile CAD app, or a small to medium size construction business, these marketing tips will help you find more leads.

Here’s what’s in this video:

Sorting your leads:
New people interested in your product or services enter your website every day. How do you decided who to follow up with first? Your time is valuable and therefore it’s important to have marketing tools in place o make sure great leads are always coming in.

Choosing marketing software:
We see a lot of construction professionals who are not ready to adapt new technology. If you’re ready to adapt new technology into your business, check out our webinar “5 Overlooked Mistakes Construction Professionals are Still Making

How to create content that your clients will love:
This theory relates to every business! Anyone trying to find more customers should be thinking about content. Follow the tips in this video to reach more people.

Updating your website:
It is so important to constantly update your website. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The tips in this video will help you discover new opportunities through simple tweaks on your website.

Using data to drive business decisions:
This is key because of the increase in businesses measuring data. Measuring what is working for your business is crucial for growth. Results of measuring range from faster onboarding for new employees, to extreme, repeatable growth for your company.

Continue learning with a visit to our HELP CENTER.  Or, to see what ArcSite can do,  check out or demo video here.



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