ArcSite is a CAD Software that can help avoid messy hand offs

Pei Zhan
December 15, 2020
5 min read

CAD Software for Smoother Handoffs from the Sales Team

As a CAD software company founded by former AutoCAD developers, we are more than familiar with the frustrations that design teams face. Especially when it comes to the handoffs received from a sales team and other field folks.

When we began to build ArcSite, we sought to construct an easy CAD software program that not only made design easier but also cleared up tensions in the design handoff process.

Read on to learn how ArcSite results in smooth, quality handoffs from the sales team to the design team, eliminating tensions involved in that process. But first, we’ll give you a quick overview of ArcSite and how it’s different from other CAD software programs.

How is ArcSite Different from Other CAD Software?

ArcSite is different from other CAD software programs due to its mobility, ease-of-use, and high-precision, intuitive technology. Our user interface is clutter-free, devoid of confusing toolbars. We eliminated excess and put power behind the most important features needed to do your job well. What’s more, anyone can fully learn the program within 10-20 minutes of using it, without any formal training.

As a mobile CAD app for iPad, ArcSite was built with a mobile-first approach. This means that you get an extremely high-quality CAD experience on mobile, which differs from many other programs that lack a fully functional mobile CAD experience.

Best of all, ArcSite interprets your freehand sketches as you draw on the iPad and translates them to high-precision lines and arcs. ArcSite eliminates the need to digitize paper drawings and transfer data. Everything is done once and digitally instead of having to rework. With ArcSite’s cloud-based mobile technology, collaboration is smoother and easier than ever before.

Design Management Made Easy with ArcSite 

As a design manager, your team likely works closely with the sales and field services teams. What we have seen at many AEC businesses is that the sales team hands off a bunch of paper drawings, photos, and forms to the design team. These take a lot of design time to interpret and replicate digitally.

ArcSite is being used by tens of thousands of professionals such as sales folks or surveyors to create professional CAD drawings onsite. These drawings can be directly shared with colleagues or imported into desktop CAD either immediately or later on.

This way, your designers can start with a precise editable CAD format and will not need to second guess the paper-based “chicken scratch.” Based on our case study with Tyco, ArcSite can save up to 50% of the time involved in this process. More and more professionals are using mobile CAD tools to create and markup professional CAD drawings onsite. It saves time and improves close rates. You too can experience a smoother workday with ArcSite.


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