5 (Plus) New ArcSite Features You Loved in 2022


At ArcSite, we have a simple philosophy: give our customers the tools and features to boost their close rates and save time and money on every job. And don’t make them wait until some undefined point in our product roadmap to see those changes.

This year, we’re pleased to introduce you to the top features we developed in 2022 based on our users’ needs. 

1. Asynchronous photo uploads

Prepare for your proposal by uploading work site photos ahead of time. This represents a significant time savings, and allows you to walk into the site and create your proposal in a matter of minutes. Creating and delivering an immediate, accurate and polished proposal can get your company the job before you climb in your truck and head back to the office.

2. Moasure integration

Measure anything with Moasure + ArcSite. Import your Moasure measurements with one tap in ArcSite, and you’re ready to go. This feature simplifies the union of measurement and estimating, giving you the power of a perfectly priced proposal and an accurate takeoff list.

Watch how it works!


3. Bosch Laser Measurement integration

While ArcSite has long integrated with Leica measurement systems, we heard from our users that they would like to up their game with a Bluetooth-based tool. Using a Bluetooth Measurement Tool is the fastest and most accurate way to add measurements to ArcSite drawings.

With a supported Bosch laser measuring device, you can capture all necessary measurements and automatically add those measurements to lines, walls, and line-based products in ArcSite. 

Watch it in action:


4. Boost sales with Wisetack

When you’re estimating a job, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to say yes. That’s why we integrated ArcSite and Wisetack so our users can offer fast financing on the spot. What’s more, you get paid when the job is finished - no more need to hunt down payments.

5. The best of the rest

It’s been a big year for ArcSite development teams. These are just a few of the exciting upgrades they added to ArcSite in 2022:

  • The ability to select multiple drawings of PDF sheets and aggregate all of the materials captured into a combined single material list for easier and faster estimating.
  • We overhauled our bundle feature to allow much more flexibility in how you can set up and use bundles to capture data more quickly and easily.
  • ArcSite is now available in more than a dozen languages.
  • You can now provide a shareable project level link to others, which allows the recipient to download all project-related files at once.

Request a demo of ArcSite today, and make sure that you ask to see some of these new features for yourself! And keep an eye on this space for the constant improvements that you requested.

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