Connect ArcSite with TRUE, an all-inclusive web-based ERP designed for the construction industry, to import line item information from ArcSite’s drawings that’ll be used to generate proposals, work orders, invoices, and more.

How it works

STEP 1 Enter and manage leads in TRUE. STEP 2 Begin a new quote in TRUE and sync it into ArcSite, creating a new project. STEP 3 Utilize ArcSite’s tools to create a drawing generating measurements and pricing. STEP 4 Import that information back into TRUE where you can complete the life cycle of the project all the way into invoicing.

Turn leads into projects

Push and pull data between TRUE and ArcSite

Manage your sales leads in TRUE. When ready, convert that lead into a quote in TRUE then sync it over creating a project within ArcSite.

Utilize ArcSite’s drawing tools to draw and map out your fencing project.

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Stay in sync

Pull product info and drawings from ArcSite back into TRUE

Generate a proposal and send it off to your customer utilizing TRUE’s eSign functionality.

Close more deals quickly by creating and sending accurate, clean-looking proposals with the help of ArcSite and TRUE.

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