Bosch Laser Measures

Using a Bluetooth Measurement Tool is the fastest and most accurate way to add measurements to ArcSite drawings. With a supported Bosch laser measuring device, you can capture all necessary measurements and automatically add those measurements to lines, walls, and line-based products in ArcSite.

Measurement Precision

Without Compromising Speed

Creating your drawing with accurate measurements has never been easier than with a Bluetooth-enabled Bosch laser distance measure.

Simply draw a line, take the measurement with your Bosch Laser Measure, and the line will update automatically to the proper length.

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Broad Compatibility

The following Bosch devices have been certified to work with ArcSite.

GLM 50 C
GLM 100 C
GLM 120 C
GLM 150 C
GLM 50-27 C / CG Professional
GLM165-27C / CG Professional
GLM 120 C Professional (JP version)
PLR 30 C
PLR 40 C
PLR 50 C

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