ArcSite Version 3.21 – The Latest Features in June 2018

We’ve heard your feedback about how to make ArcSite an even more useful mobile drawing tool. Version 3.21 gives you greater control over drawing, allows for more powerful layering, and facilitates easier project management. Read on for the full download of everything new.

Giving You More Control

You know what you really want to draw. While ArcSite is great at helping you draw smoothly and snap to points, we now allow you, experts, to override our “dumb machine.” Now you have the ability to toggle snapping options on/off and turn off automatically adjusting your screen objects and a top-level toggle

Toggle Snap Option On/Off

Automatic snapping helps you easily create drawings by bringing pieces together automatically. As great as this feature is, when working in a small or complex area, the automatic snapping can become counter-productive.
Now you can simply turn off all snapping at once.

Turn Off Smart Dimensioning
ArcSite is great about helping you change your drawings. However the more complex the drawing, the more frequently the changes don’t meet your expectations. Now you can turn off Smart Dimensioning and work without the app making unintended changes elsewhere.

Define Your Own Snapping Points

Shapes often need to snap to other objects in a specific orientation. This new feature will allow you to define how all of your shapes behave.

More Powerful Layering

Rearrange and Lock
Use rearrange to bring specific layer information to the front of the design. Lock the layer to finish up one part of your drawing without worrying about accidentally messing it up, as you work on the next part.
Move to Back/Front
Like rearranging layers, but within a single layer, you can now push color overlays and other information behind the objects you want to work with.

Coming Soon for Layering

Opacity Level
Choose an opacity level to hide or see what is below an object. Use this feature to gain a better perspective on the overall drawing.

Easier Project Management

Single Project and Drawing Downloads
Within the web portal, users can now select one or more individual elements of a project (map formats, takeoff and form formats, photos) to download in a single file.
Add Company Accounts Easily
No longer must you add coworker accounts by email, one at a time. Now you can pick one or many accounts within your company and add them as a batch.

Coming Soon for Project Management

Create Shareable Links Accessible by Non-Registered Folks
Now your clients can receive a link from which they can download your work. No longer will you have to worry about them not receiving your work because of email or cloud accounts’ file size limitations.

Already-Amazing Takeoffs Just Got Better

Non-Visual-Based Takeoff
You may have a simple project that doesn’t necessitate the visual map component. Now you can simply use the existing takeoff environment to add line items without defining a location on the map.
The new array feature allows you to quickly lay out a specific number of identical objects, at a defined distance from one another, in one or two directions.

Coming Soon for Takeoffs

Area- and/or Length-Based Takeoff
While ArcSite’s current Takeoff is pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves), we are now extending functionality so you can use the areas or lengths you drawing, to automatically create a takeoff schedule or bill of materials.
Let us know if you are interested in helping us finish this feature off. We would love some user feedback!

Other Great Additions

Search in Shapes
A great way to find shapes in your ever-expanding library: simply start typing in the search bar to view all shapes that match the search string across categories.

Coming Soon

Pick an area and fill it with a hatch or pattern. Not hard to explain, awesome to use. Which patterns do you think we need to create first? Let us know.

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