ArcSite Release Notes - Version 4.50

Here's what we added to the most recent version of ArcSite: 

INTRODUCING: ArcSite + Moasure

Moasure Page Featured Image

Learn more about ArcSite + Moasure

Our newest integration takes capturing measurements and site data to the next level with Moasure, the world's first motion-based measuring tool. You can now import your measurements from Moasure directly into ArcSite with a single tap.

Use Moasure to measure tricky areas, inside and out. No longer are arcs, angles, and irregular shapes a hassle to record and quote in ArcSite.


A New Look

We've got a new look! You'll see a fresh new icon on your home screen with our updated branding. But don't worry, this is just an icon facelift, all of the same ArcSite tools and features you know and love remain unchanged.

new branding

Squashed Bugs

- A crash that occured when some users tried to duplicate a drawing.

We're constantly working to improve ArcSite and your experience.

If you come across a problem, want to provide feedback, or if you need support, you can get in touch with us by email ( or by contacting us here. We're here to help!




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