5 Mistakes That Can Sink Your Fencing Business

Fencing is hard work, but so is running a fencing business. Join ArcSite and our special guests Tony Thornton and Joe Everest to learn:
  • Which common business mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your company on track
  • How to avoid and course correct when you do make a mistake
  • Tips for running your business professionally and sustainably

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Meet the presenters:

LP Tony

Tony Thornton

Owner, The Fence Consulting Group

Tony is a recognized leader in the fencing world. He served as President of the American Fencing Association, and is now the owner of The Fence Consulting Group.


LP Joe

Joe Everest

Host, The Fence Expert Podcast

Joe owns and runs Ozark Fence & Fence Supply. He also hosts The Fence Expert podcast. Joe carries on his grandfather's legacy while always looking for ways to optimize and improve.


LP Justin

Justin Judy

Partner Marketing Manager, ArcSite


Justin is proud to play a pivotal role in helping fencing companies of all sizes succeed through game changing technology solutions.

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